Hypercom T7P – Set the Date and Time

Set Date and Time – Hypercom T7P Credit Card Machine

 The Hypercom T7P is a dependable credit card processing solution for stationary merchants.  It can support many different programs from Check services to Pin Debit.  To manually change the date and time on your Hypercom T7P follow the instructions below.

1.  Make sure your terminal is on the main screen: “Swipe Customer Card”. If the terminal does not say this then hit the CANCEL button until it does.

2.  Press FUNCTION, 10, ENTER.

3.  The terminal will prompt for a password.

4.  Type in 0000 ENTER.

5.  The terminal should prompt you to enter the date.

6.  Type in the date in MMDDYY format then hit ENTER.

7.  The terminal will then prompt you for the time.

8.  Enter the time in HHMM format, in military time. For example, 3PM would be 1500.

9.  The terminal should automatically go back to the “Swipe Customer Card” screen.

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